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Pooh Cop - FarleyFlicks
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Recovered footage of the 1970's hit detective drama, Pooh Cop!

FarleyFlicks -

Random Pooh Cop facts:
1) Pooh Cop was filmed an entire year before being posted to YouTube.
2) The person who plays Pooh Cop also played Darth Vader in Sith Jerk.
3) Pooh Cop broke his ankle while filming (in the scene in the video thumbnail where he jumps over the railing), those Pooh slippers couldn't hold up to all the action.
4) The shot where Pooh looks across the counter at a waitress was shot in the historic Mel's Diner in Phoenix from the 70-80's TV show Alice.
5) Pooh and Tigger are excellent dancers.


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Published on Wednesday, June 13, 2012
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Pooh Cop - FarleyFlicks
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