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About FarleyFlicks
FarleyFlicks is made up of 5 kids and their dad (who refuses to grow up). We love having fun and making videos is a great way to do that. Crazy? Yeah, that's us. But we're the good kind of crazy.

Ryan is the head, er, dad, of FarleyFlicks. He loves his kids and, while he does love making videos, he really just loves the fun times he has with his kids while making them. He's a computer geek with no training whatsoever in filmmaking. Ryan also realizes that he's not a great actor and would rather film & edit videos his kids are in than be in front of the camera.
Reed provides a lot of the creative direction behind FarleyFlicks. If you've seen her already in our videos you'll find she's a great actress too. She loves horses, Justin Bieber, being with friends, and being creative.
Trapper loves sports, music, and movies. He spends a lot of time on Netflix on his iPod and is destined to become a movie & tv geek like his dad. You'll notice he is a surprisingly good actor as you watch his videos. His family will tell you that when he mocks dance moves he does them like a pro.
Tate is the family comedian. He loves to make people laugh. We try to keep his personality in our videos because he is just so much fun. He loves lizards and has a pet Bearded Dragon named Jerome - although he brings home several more lizards daily.
Tess is a definite "Daddy's girl". She loves to laugh and loves watching late-night movies with her family. She can sometimes be quiet, but when the camera is rolling she gets into character. She loves animals, reading, playing dollhouse, and her bird Lenny.
Turner is the youngest of the FarleyFlicks crew. He loves making videos and is constantly sharing his outrageous video ideas with dad. He loves seeing himself doing crazy things in videos. He is likely the most well behaved of the FarleyFlicks clan and loves to help around the house.
We hope you enjoy our videos as much as we do :-)

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